Pre-K at
Uncommon Schools

850 Montgomery Street
Brooklyn NY, 11213

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Building community around love for learning

Uncommon Schools is now offering two pre-kindergarten classes for the 2023-24 school year! Every detail of our program is thoughtfully designed to connect with young children’s innate love of learning and to foster the kind, caring, and respectful relationships that make transformational learning possible.

Our approach supports children in meeting developmental milestones while fostering social-emotional growth and excellence in academics. Our certified teachers develop a personalized learning plan for each child, with an emphasis on one-on-one and small-group instruction. Best of all, our pre-K students will be welcomed into the Uncommon Schools community for their entire K-12 experience, where we are fiercely committed to supporting students in getting to and through college.

What children and families receive:

Free Tuition

Tuition-free pre-kindergarten, authorized by the New York City Department of Education

Small Class Sizes

Two teachers in every classroom – 18 children per class

Enriched Curriculum

Including Spanish, music, soccer, and yoga!

Extended Day

Option for before- and after-care

Free School Supplies

Free uniform, backpack, and school swag

Priority Enrollment

First-priority enrollment in Ocean Hill Elementary School and acceptance into Uncommon Schools' community for entire K-12 experience

Just for young learners

Our Pre-K program is co-located in a freestanding building on the Ocean Hill Elementary School campus that is reserved for our pre-kindergarten program, with clean and spacious classrooms, indoor and outdoor playspace, space for enrichment, and dedicated restrooms. Your child’s wellbeing and safety is our first priority.

Questions? Please connect with us at or 718-363-5024 to learn more.